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Benefits of Outsourcing your Bookkeeping
Our first ever Blog:-


First Blog - Why do you need a Bookkeeper?
Outsourcing your Bookkeeping
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Our first ever Blog:-

Hello one and all -

Giraffe Bookkeeping is taking the bull by the horns this year and is going for it.  We want to push our name out there and get people talking. So welcome to our very first blog:

One of the main questions we get asked being a bookkeeping company is: What does a bookkeeper do and why do I need one?

There are so many possible answers to these questions, so I thought we could tackle this one answer at a time.

 1) We Save You Money!

This answer is very simple, but one hundred percent true - A bookkeeper not only gathers, collates and inputs all your financial information, but we do all this at a fraction of the price an accountant would charge. Most accountants can charge around £65 an hour, but a bookkeeper usually only charges £20 an hour. An immense saving of £45 an hour! 

If you did the bookkeeping yourself what hourly rate would you charge?

A bookkeeper would not only accomplish this task in half the time it would take you, but I bet at a fraction of the price too. Therefore the hours it would take you to do the bookkeeping can be put to better use by freeing up this time for you to concentrate on progressing your company.

You generate the sales and we'll look after you hard earned cash, after all Cash is King!

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